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OrderGridEnhancement extension from Sunovisio will allow you to have a really better overview of your orders. We added to the grid, the product ordered, the payment and shipping method and the most important of all for us, some grid coloration totally configurable.

Some fast actions are also added in the grid allowing you to generate an invoice, to comment an order or even to cancel it.

Get some professional and workable order grid using order grid enhancement extension.
Allowing you to display all information you need directly in your grid using all visual system possible (columns, filters, icons, color, popup, …).


This extension allows you to have a faster and better overview of your orders by adding custom columns and colors in your grid. Order Grid Enhancement Extension adds payment method, shipping method and order's items in your grid.

Order Grid Enhancement offers you the possibility as well to add some colors on rows depending on status.

We added the possibility to delete your test order directly in the grid using a mass action. This will allow you to keep correct statistic of your sales in your shop.

Columns visible in the grid:
  • Order number: filterable and sortable
  • Purchase Date: filterable and sortable
  • Product information: filterable by both product sku and name
  • Store ID: filterable and sortable
  • Billing Name: filterable and sortable
  • Shipping Name: filterable and sortable
  • Customer Email address: filterable and sortable
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • G.T. Base: filterable and sortable
  • G.T. Purchased: filterable and sortable
  • Subtotal: filterable and sortable
  • Payment Method: filterable and sortable
  • Shipping Method: filterable and sortable
  • Number of Items
  • Customer Group: filterable and sortable
  • Coupon Code: filterable and sortable
  • Tax Amount: filterable and sortable
  • Discount Amount: filterable and sortable

We added the product picture as well on the order detail.

The extension also offer you to display order from customer in customer overview (administration panel).

A new fast action column has been added to the grid allowing you to comment, invoice or cancel and order very easily and fast.

Hi Chris.P,

This feature has been added to the new version. We will send you the new version directly to your email. You can as well download it directly throw your account section.

Thanks for your trust in Sunovisio Corporation


Very easy to install and very easy to use.
Currently some statuses cannot be colored. It should be great to be able to add colors for all statuses and not only basic statuses.
Thanks again !

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